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「思索にふけるからといって、人づき合いが嫌いなわけじゃない」 - hidsgo’s diary

1月26日と2月2日、BBC Radio 4でスティーブン・ホーキング博士によるReith Lectureの放送がありました (lectureは1月7日に行われた)。記事を書いた手前、私は聴きました。BBCのwebsiteにすでに録音とtranscriptが載っています。2月2日の場合、放送は日本時間午後6時からでしたが、お昼にはもうファイルはあったので生で聴く必要もなかったんですが。。


第1話 "Black Holes, Do black holes have no hair?"


第2話 "Black Holes, Black holes ain't as black as they are painted"




質問者: Do you feel that using a speech device to communicate has changed your personality in any way? As an introvert, has it made you more extroverted?

司会: Stephen?

STEPHEN HAWKING: Well I am not sure I have ever been called an introvert before. (laughter) Just because I spend a lot of time thinking doesn’t mean I don’t like parties and getting into trouble. (laughter) I enjoy communicating and I enjoy giving popular lectures about science. My speech synthesizer has been very important for this, even though I ended up with an American accent. (laughter) Before I lost my voice, my speech was slurred, so only those close to me could understand, but with the computer voice I found I could talk to everyone without help. So it has allowed me to express my personality rather than changing it.